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Friday, October 22, 2010

The pursuit of HAPPINESS

A woman, a man, ….. glancing at the man by her side, she asks herself: Am I leading the life I imagined? Only to immediately answer her own question: No, I am not – but it does not matter. The only thing that matters is that I would not want to live without him because he makes me feel safe, loved, simply happy – life with him is pure bliss!

Indeed, love bears an enormous potential for happiness. As does the birth of a child. Or finally getting that job you always dreamed of. True, moments where we are completely happy are few and far between in everyday life. But their rarity only makes them that much more precious and more thrilling when they do occur. I can´t help but think of the little boy I met in Brazil, Sau Paulo who only wanted some attention, giving this to him made him happy. Or the mother I met in a slum in Rio De Janeiro who said: ”I am happy, I have food to eat and a family – what more do I want?”

Research findings have shown that happiness has nothing to do with money. A research conducted by London School of Economics and Political Science includes India and Bangladesh among the happiest populations in the world. How can that be? To answer that question, we would do well to start by taking a closer look at what is innside us. Think back to a moment when you experienced true happiness. Did you feel it rising like a warm wave within you, filling your entire being? People in the joyfull moment abandon themselves completely to the moment, often crying. My experience has been that I feel like I want to embrace the whole world and make time stand still so I can savour the moment, a moment where all colours seem brighter and more vivid than usual. Have you ever been that happy?

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