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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The inner screams of STRESS

Stress has got many factors related to it. In order to find a lasting solution to this phenomena we must seek deeper within ourselves.

Havent we all experienced rushing from one project to the next, with a sense of actually not performing all our best within any of them. Most of us can deal with the short term stressors, but the problem arises when stress becomes everlasting and we never upload our batteries fully again.

Handling stress is largely about having set limits in daily life. So if we put limits then it will decrees the level of stress, but the one million question is

why don’t we? The main reason to it is that we feel we constantly need to accomplish, and we associate high accomplishment with high stress factor.

Constant stress has been related to deeper psychological roots, such as anxiety, insecurity and low self-esteem. Stress becomes for many a sense of security. When security and self esteem is highly linked to our accomplishments these feelings will fade away as soon as it came. If you want to handle stress, you not only have to say no to certain tasks, but start saying yes to your inner needs. In order to walk against the wind of stress, you and I must seek deeper mental strength and peace. This will increase our self-esteem and decrees anxiety and insecurity.

Down the line it is all about getting to know your inner strengths and weaknesses in order to work with them. Often as human beings we need someone outside to help us reflect over these issues in life and guide us in a more positive direction.

Elham Binai is a life coach and advisor for business men and women who all deal with stressors in their daily private lives and their business lives. Elham Binai has done extensive research within this field during her studies in Psychology.

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