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Saturday, October 23, 2010


Is happiness a matter of luck?

There are people who seem to have been born under a lucky star. We all know one or two people on whom Fortune always seems to smile and whose lives appear to be full of serendipitous coincidences, wonderful friends and lovable relatives.

Maybe you´re even one of those yourself? Or perhaps you`re one of those unfortunates who always seem to be getting stuck in the slowest-moving queue at the supermarket and the lane on the motorway where traffic starts flowing last after a traffic jam?

Some researchers believe the “lucky” and “unlucky” do truly exist. But, I believe good and bad luck ultimately lie in the eye of the beholder. I was in New York City the day the passenger plane collided with a flock of birds and was forced to make an emergency landing on the icy Hudson river. You could say all 155 people on board were unlucky – or lucky, depending on your point of view.

So is happiness a matter of luck?

Well, yes and no. While few would deny that fate is kinder to some of us than others, a lot depends on how we play the hand we are dealt. The bottom line is: we have to help our luck along – and do something for our own happiness.

According to my experience there are few factors related to happiness we must have in mind. First of all: all people want to be happy. And second: happiness is of limited duration. Nothing and no one can make us happy allthe time. But if we wish to achieve a reasonable degree of overall happiness, we should bear in mind how the character of our mind will affect the soul. To certain extent, we are all the architects of our own fortunes, it is mostly up to us whether our face is etched with laugh lines or creased in frowns.

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