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Thursday, March 25, 2010


We have become a nation of multi-taskers – checking our e-mail while on the phone, chatting while watching the TV. Why don’t we focus on the moment?

While writing this article I am watching tv, listening to music, my facebook and skype is on, and so is my phone. Just talked to my sister, but I feel I could not give her my full attention as my attention was all divided between all the attention magnets around me.

I think with this sort of lifestyle we are leading we are loosing the pleasure – real pleasure – of one and single activity. When our attention is engaged in one thing: a conversation; preparation of a meal; a great film, then we will understand the essence of that activity. Only then, when we´re not dividing our attention between various tasks we can say we are taking pleasure in the one and only task.

Our attention is pure energy. It transforms whatever it comes into contact with. The ultimate proof that our attention is valuable is all the money spent on attracting us by advertisers and TV channels. With the power of our attention alone, we can transform each moment. Maybe I should call my sister and repeat the conversation over again?


nima said...

سلام دوست خوبم باید ازشما وتمام دوستانی که برای تحقق حقیقت تلاش می کنند قدرشناس بود
برای آشنايي هر چه بیشتر با معلم تفکر و انديشه ، نظريه پرداز معناگراي ايراني و رهبر جمعيت ال ياسين ، استاد ايليا رام الله (پيمان فتاحي) می توانید به سایت زیر مراجعه کنید

Just Words said...

Rightly said ! but sadly u are an endangered species :-) I have been told, human beings have evolved into much more complex beings and multi tasking forms the basic of their survival and attention to details or taking pleasure from what u are doing has almost a vestigial characteristics