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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Commitment to myself!

Our lives are absorbed by our commitments, whether we choose them or not. What I have learned in life is that commitment starts at home. First of all I should ask myself: ”Am I committed to me?”. Tibetans have for long been oppressed by Chinese, but they have been fully committed to their spiritual life, their families, and one another. This might be a dramatic contrast to the countries we live in, where it seems constant stimulation pulls us away from ourselves and our spirituality.

We are living with fast changing culture. Unlike in Tibet, immediate gratification has become the norm for many in our consumer culture. Everybody is in hurry. I wonder if we are running from ourselves?

Often when we talk about commitments we think of chains. My experience has been that commitments can be rich with meaning. They can be the wings on which our spirits soar. Most of us think of commitments towards others, but hardly do we consider commitment towards my own soul and mind. I think if we start commiting ourselves to our soal, spirit and mind, then we will gradually become better commiters towards others in our lives.

Conscious commitments are born out of our journey of spirit, our inner climbs. These inner climbs lead us to living our lives with meaning and to becoming more of who we are.

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Anonymous said...

Men don't have that problem! We can do only one thing at the time! :-)