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Monday, February 05, 2007

You are created to become a Royalty!


Most stories start with ‘once upon a time….’ And they end…’happily ever after’. Today I want to talk to you about being a Prince and Princess. Maybe no-one has ever told you how precious and darling and wonderful you are. Many experience abuse, both physically and verbally, which puts scars in their lives, which makes it hard to see oneself as worthy and valuable. God steps in and calls us beautiful and marvellous when no-one sees you. He cleanses you, and puts new clothes on you that is worthy of a prince and a princess.

Today people are doing everything they can in order to be set apart. God commands you to live, and not just live with head down, but holds it high. We all have the extraordinary coded within us, waiting to be released, and with the crown on our head it will be released. Did you know majority of people actually do not realise what they have in their lives or why they were put on this planet? One of the reasons we have been put on earth and with those around us is to bring out the extraordinary in each other and put value upon humanity. And another reason is to get to know ourselves and our creator. Unfortunately, majority of people do not know themselves, they treat life as a stage in a theatre, and see themselves as the actor, acting through the play. Either they do it well or mess the whole thing up, but in either way they are acting. How sad, how sad to act and not be able to be oneself, and realise that there is a beauty within us that is revealed when lived, not acted!

Did you know we all were created with a crown on our heads, but then we take the crown off and want to put a fake crown on by acting and playing the role of a prince and a princess. But you and I are created and made beautiful, we must just realise this beauty and act upon it.

There is something specific you were created to do. When you discover your life mission, then you feel a sense of purpose and begin to feel confident in who you are. By being yourself, you are putting something very special and wonderful in the world that was not there before. You know why the world is the way it is with all the mess, because instead of putting the best of ourselves in it, we are putting the worse, and this is the consequence.

When you realise there is a crown on your head, you will start living your life differently, your values will become different, you will have to follow the rules of the castle you belong to, you don’t want to get into the newspapers for doing something that is against royalty. So put your crown back on, and take your position on earth. Let nothing and no-one stop you from fulfilling your dreams and desires, but do it all with the crown on your head, because that will put beauty on your work!


Anonymous said...

Thank-you for your article on purpose. I wonder if as Christians we should be more worried about Gods purpose for our lives rather than striving to find what we think our purpose is. I believe life is so much bigger than achieving our goals, being happy, dreaming big dreams and having ambition (although these can all be good things). The reason people are still asking and struggling with the question What is the purpose of life? is because we come at it from the wrong angle - our angle. our questions often lead to others... what should I do with my life, what should my goals be etc. The book of Job teaches us that it is God who directs the lives of His creatures so we dont need to be to inward looking - rather ask - what does God want for my life. Our lives should be focused on God, living for Him, playing our part in his family, trying to become more like him and to serve him with our lives. The bible teaches us that we actually need to take the crowns off our own heads (because we are not kings) the only king is God and if we focus on own own lives and our own crowns we are not choosing Him to be the Lord of our lives.

Let me know what you think

Anonymous said...
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Elham Binai said...

thank you so much for your input,although I do not know who this is,because it is posted as anonymous. I think you are right, yes we are not Kings, but I think when we accept Jesus to direct us,and lead us in his ways,we are given the honor of having a share in his kingdom, and made into Prince and Princesses, and it is not our own crown we are wearing,but the crown of heaven that God gives us,so in ourselves we do not have any beauty,only with his crown on we are made beautiful, and only with his crown on our lives, we can find our goal and purpose in life. I think the more we are drawn closer to the castle of heaven, the more we will realise who we are, as God will reveal more of himsel and ourselves to us!