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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


What is Egomania?
If you associate yourself with 5 or more of these qualities listed below, you are in line with 6 million others on earth to be diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)

1.A grandiose sense of self-importance – Egomaniacs exaggerate their achievements and talents, and want other people to recognise them as superior.

2.Preoccupation with success and power – They're obsessed with fantasies involving their own brilliance or beauty.

3.Arrogance – Their behaviour is haughty, their attitude conceited and they show rage when frustrated, contradicted, or confronted.

4.Need for excessive admiration – Egomaniacs need attention, they want to be adored or, failing that, feared.

5.A sense of entitlement – They have unreasonable expectations and believe they deserve favourable treatment.

6.Exploitative – Happy to take advantage of others, they use people to get what they want.

7.Lack of empathy – Egomaniacs can't or won't acknowledge other people's feelings.

8.A belief of being unique – They believe that they're special and can only be understood by and associate with people of high status.

9.Feel envy towards others
– And believe others feel envious of them.

It's thought there are around six million people across the world with NPD. There could be many more, but it's difficult to diagnose. Most people affected won't present their symptoms to the doctor; they simply don't believe there's anything wrong with them, rather that other people are the cause of any problems.

If you posess all 9, then you might want to seek help, as you might become a danger to others. But if you possess even 5 or more, seek professional help so your behaviour can be closely monitored.


ardavan said...

Hi Dear Elham
Just out of curiosity, is it only 6 million people, I think it should be more...

Elham Binai said...

there is 6 million registered, but surely there is more, as these sorts of people (I might be one of them:) would not seek professional help, because they do not think there is anything wrong with them. are you one of these?

Sara said...

I dont have Egomania.. yoooooooohooooooooo

Elham Binai said...

are you sure sara??????:)

sara said...

bale .. I'm sure :)))

Elham Binai said...

ok,this is the first sign of people who do have egomania,they wont admit it.....they are dangerous people, and I should avoid them in my life.........:)

ardavan said...

So what's wrong of being one of them?

Elham Binai said...

nothing wrong with it, but if you have 5 or more of the items listed you could become a dangerous maniac....like a cult leader, and you would want people to become followers of you. and if you do not have empati for people, makes you dangerous as you wont become a person who could function in a normal relationship......

we all have some of these qualities to some extend....

there was a guy in America who had all 9 and he ended up killing his parents.......

shadi said...

i don't see any advantages in being obsessed with yourself, egoism is being self centerd.
they won't progress as much as they can do
man oomadam begam man be bloget sar keshi mikonam

Mohammad said...

i just wanted to say I dont have it either

sara said...

eeeeee... migam nadaram.. to chera migi man daram? vali to daria.. be zoor dari be man migi ke man daram.... cheghadr daram dari shod.. hehehehhehe

Elham Binai said...

avall javabe shadi:
shadi jan,are man fekr nakonam to in marizi ra dari. rast migi,va merci ke be bloggam sar zadi,lotf dari to khanomi!

dovomman: mohammad:
mohammad jan,chetor mitoni ba intor etminan begi ke nadari....how?

sevomman: Sara....
avallan ke mamnnon ke activi, badesh ham I am sure you dont have this,....I am proud of you....andyou know what I cant have friends who have this disease as it will be conflicting with my personality:)

bnm said...

I've got a new name, egomaniac. ;-)

Mat said...

I beleve myself to be a egomanic,

1=I am smarter/better than outhers(or beleive it regardless)
2=I want people to look up to me or fear me
3=I dont have a problem with admiting it?(I beleve im diffrent but this is not ment to be admited for a true egomanic)
4=I cant stand weakness in people or ignarance
5=I beleve I am capable of anything
6=I will argue my point till people belive im corect
7=I get fustrated if I have to wait for outhers or have to wait in line

I have smoked cannabis every day for 14 years to give myself paranoia which almost stops the symptioms, It probly aint good for me but at least I dont feel so nasty or agressive to outhers and can keep a relationship going!