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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Nature or Nurture?!

The discussion that has occupied Psychologists and scientist for decades has been; are we a result of our nature (genes and DNA) or our nurture (environment, upbringing).

I am just watching a program about Child Genius. It is astonishing seeing what these genius children are capable of doing. At a young age of 6 they can solve GCSE math, an 11 year old has become the youngest publishing author. These are not average, everyday children. Their lives are a constant round of competitions and contests. But what makes such an exceptional child? Are they born this way or can they really be made?

But what exactly do we mean by 'genius'. Like the theory of relativity, it's one of those concepts that everyone seems familiar with, but few can explain it. How do you identify a genius? Are their brains different? Some people equate genius with a high IQ. But IQ is not always a predictor of high accomplishments in life. Academic achievement is also an unreliable guide. While it's true that Einstein excelled at mathematics, physics and music, the school records of other geniuses are often less impressive.

Exceptional ability may be a key ingredient; you must also throw courage and creativity into the mix. Top that off with a talent for visualising problems from new and original angles, and you may be getting a genius!
What are your thoughts? What is a genius?


Niusha said...

I agree with Simone de Beauvoir. She said: One is not born a genius, one becomes a genius.

Elham Binai said...

how do people become genius? is it your parents? but some people who do not have the 'right' environment and upbringing still manage to become genius....how is that...?????

niusha jan, wellcome to my blog.....

Niusha said...

In my opinion all of us are genius as long as we use our brains properly, because there is no difference between our brains!

Elham Binai said...

that is a good point, but why do some use it and others dont????what makes the differencee??

Niusha said...

if i knew, i would used my brain much more:)
what do u think????

Elham Binai said...

I think it is a mix of nature and nurture. I think yes many do have the genes that will make you into a genius, but unfortunatelly not all of us do have the opportunities of progressing and making use of those cells in our brain. but then others dont have the genes, but with the right encouragement and environment they can do great things in life.

but then the concept of intelligence is very vague, as you can be intelligent in business,art,writing,maths,cooking,speaking.....you can be intelligent in many areas, and I think the most intelligent person is the person who understands its skill and strenght and takes use of it.