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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bill Gates sets his limits!

In this weeks TIME magazine there is a short interview with Bill Gates, father of computers. As I am a big fan of Mr. Gates I enjoyed reading this short piece of interview, what I found striking this time was not his new version of Microsoft Vista (which is interesting and I look forward getting it), or his extended charity work with the Gates Foundation, or his passion for computers and new technology. What was striking this time was his role as a father!

Mr Gates says he restricts the hours his son is allowed to use the computer. Although his son must have the latest versions of every gadget available, but his father has realised the importance of restricting and limiting children from overusing these gadgets and new techno toys.

Two years ago I did a major research on Microsoft and how they motivate their employees, it was an interesting piece of research, as the cooperation is one of its kind in knowing how to keep the best in the most seeked after jobs. Last year I attended the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Seattle in USA (amazing and impressive place I have to say). So I have always had a special relationship with Microsoft and Mr Gates, however this time around he made a special impression on me as his role as a parent.

Although I myself am not a parent yet, but I believe it is important to set limits for children. I think now days as parents have become so occupied with their own work and stressful schedules, they hardly manage to make time for their children, hence their children end up either spending hours in front of the TV set or the computer. We have lost touch with the real world and communicating on a normal level. I think there are many things we can learn from Bill Gates and one is this, set the limit!


Es Ye said...

Dear Elham,

Welcome to blogland! Great stuff on your blog too. How are you? So good to 'see' you. I met another Iranian yesterday with your same moniker and I had a high time talking about you to her! She runs a daycare in Coquitlam. So many things are happening here in Canada. Wish you were here helping us out. Good heavens, drop us a line on our blog. It would SO encourage us to hear from an alumnus!


oxo shirl

Elham Binai said...

darling, Oh great hearing from you.I will indeed visit your blog...I miss you all very much.

Navid said...

Elham, nice article about Mr. Gates. It's interesting to hear that he is such a responsible parent.

By the way, I saw "Pirates of Silicon Valley" the other day. It's about the race between Microsoft (Bill Gates) and Apple (Steve Jobs) from the 1970s. You can find the movie in YouTube.com or PeekVid.com

Take care!