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Saturday, February 10, 2007

‘Marilyn is my hero’, said Anna Smith!

On February 8, 2007, Anna Smith was found dead in her hotel room in Hollywood, Florida, she was only 39. It is believed that she had a drug overdose. Her hero Marilyn Monroe also died of drug overdose in 1962, she was 36 years old.

In 1967 Anna Nicole Smith was born Vicki Lynn Hogan in Texas. After her father abandoned her and her mother when she was a child, she was raised by her mother and aunt. Her first marriage took place when she was 17 and he was 16, the next year she gave birth to their son who died of overdose last year September. She followed that up with a second marriage to a man who was 89 years old and wheelchair bound.

Her highly publicized marriage to oil business executive and billionaire J. Howard Marshall, who was 63 years her senior, resulted in considerable speculation that she married merely for his money, which she denied. Following his death, she began a lengthy legal battle over a share of his estate. Finally she managed to inherit $450 million.

"Marrying into money was not a good thing for me." -Anna Nicole Smith

While growing up, Anna wanted to be the next Marilyn Monroe. She was subsequently called "the next Marilyn Monroe" in press reports, a comparison she encouraged by wearing Monroe's hairstyle, as well as her trademark blowing white dress.

Who is your hero and role model in life?

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