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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Instead of FLOWERS

Don’t you just love receiving flowers from someone who dearly loves you?, I do! My favorites are white roses. White roses calms me down, it has a sense of spirituality over it which makes me just want to grab a cup of herbal tea, put the flowers in a beautiful pot and just stare at them.

Although flowers makes me go “awwwww”, I have realized as I am growing older and hopefully more mature that there are so many other things we can do to each other which could go instead of flowers.

Maybe a nice gesture of writing a short note of “just wanted to say hi”. Don’t we all have those days of runny nose, red eyes, and the world looks darker than ever, you know what I am talking about. Sometimes we just want to go under the wool duvet and hide ourselves from the world, those are the times our world can be brightened up by a short note of “hi there”. Or when someone follows you up the stairs or comes up to pick you up, it means more than flowers. It is a gesture of care.

Don’t we sometimes feel like yelling out : “I just need to be held, looong and very soon”. Men often complain about their moody women, but I wonder if they would complain as much if they made time just holding their women, making her release all her positive hormones and energy into the universe. This was a hint to all the frustrated men out there, hug your girl!

So girls and boys here it comes, instead of flowers:

1. a hug

2. follow her up the stair

3. when in the petrol station, grab a chewing gum and coffee

4. leave a personal written note

5. have surprise gifts, give them on a day with no occasion

6. get some vitamins and herbs

7. cook a great meal

8. find out when her/his favorite movie/show goes on tv

9. put on her/his favorite cd

10.light some scented candles

The list could go on, you are welcome to add yours…..all instead of flowers!


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm a moody man. I don't think any woman on this planet would tolerate a moody man. Any solution ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Elham Jan;

I was reading this blog and I loved it :) especially, No 2, imagine you had put her/his instead of her!? Definitely you would caused chaos on the stairs:D
keep it up khanoom DR.

All the Best