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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Honesty lasts longer

It is time to be honest, true and authentic. Weather we are in politics, finance, entertainment or our private lives. But how costly is being honest in the long run?

Barack Obama – with his campaign on ‘Change’ has become a true example of transparency and honesty in 2009. What he and Michelle are trying to do is to set an example of authentic lives. Obama has been open about his wrongdoings, which ‘normal’ people associate themselves with.
Has the world really opened up for true honesty? We hunger for the truth! We have all seen so much lie in our lives, that now we are longing to live out a true and authentic life.

But is the truth always, to all times important to follow? Haven’t we all experienced times and situations in our daily lives where we rather tell a little ‘white lie’ than the truth, in order to save a person from being hurt?

One of the groups of society that maybe are telling the truth and the whole truth, are comedians. They are supposed to bring out the taboo subjects, things we as normal people rather not talk about or ignore, but as they enter their comedian role on stage they are ‘allowed’ to express these viewpoints which we might hold, but not true enough to express?!

You want to be authentic? I do! We have had enough pretending. We have all seen so much acting in our world, that we spot people who try to manipulate or lie. Have we come to a point in humanity where the ‘good story’ needs to be replaced or added with ‘the true story’?

Both marketing and politics are filled with all sorts of ‘bullshit’ talk – it comes with the job. However, now people were thirsty for an Obama. He is saying the same things as other politicians have previously been saying, but there is something authentic about him. However, we now are all expecting results from all this fine talk.

The truth is a reflection about our reality in which we are surrounded by. It is fundamental that we ourselves are in touch with this reality in order to reveal it. The truth works. If you dare trusting the truth, then you will actually succeed in the long run. On the other hand our lies can haunt us. Then the battle is definitely defeated.

You think the truth will conquer at last? I think it is worth fighting for the truth. I think what truly is important in life is to be true to yourself, to people around you and true in the nature of your day to day actions.


Deep Blue Sea said...

There is A slight problem. Its tat if u try to be who u are not it wont be secret for too long. People wil see right thru u.

So if u try to be too saintly n stuff when u r not so in reality, u are in big trouble coz its easy to see that u are scared of something and being nice only because u have been whacked badly being urself {not so nice } and now u are scared and cowardly and hence being nice.

U know as a psychologist u can easily understand when i say that its extremely difficult to format and reprogram a mind tat has been programmed by life experiences..

P.S - Plz write how I can cope with severe OCD.Especially when I cannot escape from the environment tat is one of the major causes for my OCD.

Elham Binai said...

Trained therapist, behavioral therapy can be used to treat OCD. In behavioral therapy, people face situations that cause or trigger their obsessions and anxiety. Then they are encouraged not to perform the rituals that usually help control their nervous feelings. To use this method, a person who has OCD must be able to tolerate the high levels of anxiety that can result from the experience.
People who have OCD often have other kinds of anxiety, like phobias (such as fear of spiders or fear of flying) or panic attacks.

People who have OCD also may have depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), an eating disorder or a learning disorder such as dyslexia.

Having one or more of these disorders can make diagnosis and treatment more difficult, so it's important to talk to your doctor about any symptoms you have, even if you're embarrassed.

Obsessive thoughts make people who have OCD feel nervous and afraid. They try to get rid of these feelings by performing certain behaviors according to "rules" that they make up for themselves. These behaviors are called compulsions.

hope this helps Deep Blue Sea - great to see you back here!