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Sunday, January 11, 2009

"What was war?"


Deep Blue sea said...

Is he going to ask as soon as he is born ?

T A T A R I said...

I like your writing..

war makes people suffer

Anonymous said...

I would love to be your child's father!

Vahid Behravan said...

it's interesting how the question is phrased in the past, what "was" war as there will be no wars in the future. As long as there is selfishness there will be wars, as long as there is inequality there will be wars, as long as there is injustice there will be wars, as there will be fights over basic needs, fights to get more and better of everything.

alireza said...

this dream will never comes true, because 2 this are the main subject for war (land and women)
since mohammad till now are war was about land and women.!so, tell me which war was out of this two.

mohammad said...

Dear lady, this is the most beautiful wish for our childs
I wish one day this became true
I belive that , to make a beautiful dream is the first and most important step.

we can fly with true wishehs if we want.

Good luck
God bless You

hana66 said...

Beautiful dream!