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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The US Election – a historical moment!

Since I can recall back, my father used to tell us that election night and the counting was important in order to understand the progress of the parties involved. I used to spend sleepless nights following the debates, the changing numbers and the percentage which would constantly direct us towards the final results. We had to keep updated not only with the Norwegian and Scandinavian elections, but also Iranian, American and preferably Azerbaijan and Turkey as they are very close to my families’ heart. I did spend many sleepless election nights catching up on everything I had missed during the campaigns.

It is absolutely important to engage in local as well as national politics, but in the case of American elections, they get the whole globe involved in their campaigns and final election days. A lot of my Scandinavian friends have spent the night of the election watching the news, following the election, as well as having their own favorites they would vote for if they had American citizenship.

What ever the outcome becomes, I think what is important to celebrate this time more than any other time in history is that both candidates have managed to get new sorts of people voting. The more people vote, the more will the elections reflect the wants and desires of the majority in the country. This is of course a favorable journey to increased democracy in any state of the world.

Sleeping on the night of election was not an option for me, as any other election throughout my upbringing and adulthood. On the election night a new future is laid, and a new start to take upon. It is exciting to be part of all the emotions and thought around the final race and a historical moment.

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