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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Brilliant Project Management

What the BEST project managers know, say and do!

I’ve just finished a brilliant book about project management. The skills you learn as a project manager does not only benefit the business you are part of, but also your daily tasks. Unfortunately we have so many people running our politics, medias, businesses and the society without being a good leader, without understanding and knowing the importance of their vital role in the area they are of influence.

An Irish philosopher said; "there are three types of people: those who make things happen, those who things happen to, and those who say,,. 'what happened?'


1. Focus on solutions to problems
2. Be consultative yet decisive
3. Remain customer focused at all times
4. Negotiate for a win-win result
5. Get the best out of everyone
6. Constantly look to adapt and evolve
7. Lead by example


PM Hut said...

Your list of 7 habits of brilliant project managers remind me of an article I published several months ago on how to become a project manager

This article, however, has 8 habits:

Be a Leader And A Manager
Be A Team Builder And A Team Leader
Be A Problem Solver
Be A Negotiator and Influencer
Be An Excellent Communicator
Be A Good Organizer
Be A Competent And Consistent Planner
Set Up And Manage Budgets

not-nietsche said...

pm hut, i guess that article is referring to skills rather than habits. as a PM fan, i have to say that i have reservations on that article though. you could be a leader but not a PM, also a good PM is not necessarily a good leader. you can learn to be a PM, but i am not sure if you could learn to be a leader.

Wikimouse said...

The primary roll of Project Management is to deliver the finished project within three objectives: Scope, Time and Cost (The Project Management Triangle).

Therefore, a successful project manager ensures the accomplishment of the goals for the benefit of organization and customer's satisfaction.

Elham Binai said...

thank you for gettin into this discussiong. I myself did a presentation on project management -and was very open about my own mistakes as a pm, and what I could or should have done differently in previous projects. I think it is about learning and developing - and being open to teach others and assist others to become better pm -