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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blaming Others

Last week as I was flying to a European city something happened that has made me think about the nature of humanity. I put my jacket in the overlock locker, but there was no room for my hand luggage, so I put that in an other locker. When we landed and everyone got ready to walk out of the airplane, I reached to get my jacket, as I touched it, it was all wet. My jacket was covered with alcohol. I touched the surface of the locker, and saw two bottles of alcohol that had broken and wet everything.

The alcohol bottles belonged to a couple, who were not very happy with their loss, especially the lady. I made my way out and made a report to the air stewardess, but forgot my hand luggage inside, so I went in again to get it. The couple that had lost their ‘valuable’ alcohol bottles were talking to the same stewardess. When I came out, the lady screamed at me, saying it was my fault that their bottles had broken, because I had put my hand luggage on the bottles. I tried explaining that my hand luggage was not even in the same locker, and even if it was, something like this should not happen at all, and it is neither my fault or your fault. She would not believe me, and absolutelly wanted to put the blame on someone, and I was the one who was available there and then. I did not want to discuss with her, because she was just angry for two bottles that had broken and ruined my jacket, and now she was blaming me. As I made my way out, I was thinking how human beings always wants to blame others, and hence put the responsibility on other people.

The first incident of blame in the history of humanity is reported as Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden tree, and God asked them why they did that. Adam said Eve had made him do it, and Eve said the snake had made her eat it. Since the beginning of humanity we always have wanted to blame others for things that goes wrong in our lives.

I hope that lady got over the alcohol incident, but I have to give in my jacket for dry cleaning, as I dont want to go around smelling alcohol all day long.


sara said...

elham man fekr mikonam ke hagh ba oon zane bood and its all your fault..lolololol..I love u my sunshine.boooooooos

Anonymous said...


i'm blaming you. you are the real truble maker.

Anonymous said...

Amazing Elham !
I am sooo proud of you girl !!!

An old friend
Templars house (2nd floor) :P

Elham Binai said...

u from Templars house (Ragheb),thanx for your message.hope u are happy were ever you are on the face of this earth!