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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dramatic Run up to Valentine!

Yesterday as my mother was in the plane coming to London on her way to Dubai, just before her plane was taking off it hit a car in the runway. All the passengers, including my mother were evacuated back to the gate, and mum had to carry on her trip this morning, but going through Germany.

When speaking to mum, she said she was feeling something was going to happen that day, so she was actually thinking of cancelling her trip. My mother often gets feelings of future incidents, and she is always right.

I think it is amazing that somehow some part of us (soul, God in us) can see the future and can warn us of things that could be of danger to us. You might not believe in God or any other supernatural power, but I do believe in God, and believe He/She protects us from dangers and often warns us. I find it a privilege knowing mum is connected to heaven as she often warns me of dangers occurring in my own life. Ones I did not listen to her for two Years, and finally I saw the consequence she had told me I would end up with. So now I make sure I listen to her. Anyway, now she is all safe in Dubai, enjoying the sun!

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bnm said...

I was on the same plane, the same day. I had 22 hours flight, so that I fainted! Small world, isn't it?