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I find it a privilege being on this planet at the same time as you, and believe we all are here at this time of humanity for a purpose. I hope you will find it interesting getting into conversation with me and my readers.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What on Earth am I here For?

Purpose Driven Life

About 3 years ago as I was visiting my parents in Norway,a friend from London contacted me and told me about an amazing book he was reading, he knew I would like it, and sent me one copy, and he was right, I loved it....and millions of readers loved this book by Rick Warren.

Since reading it, I was sharing the book with many, this became my new birthday and christmas present....

I was thinking, oh I truly want this book to be published in farsi, and guess what, this year I came across the book published in farsi.

So my suggestion to you is, get the book and read it, it is amazing!!!!

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