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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

‘Sin City’ in the UK

Las Vegas has got a new rival on the other side of the Atlantic, it is the metropolitan city of Manchester!

Firstly I want to make it clear that I do not like Las Vegas, I was there last year and spent new years eve in the ‘Sin City’, it was just too much of gambling for me!

Manchester council announced today their plan of building a multimillion Casino, using the tax payers money. I don’t know about you, but if I was living in Manchester I would not pay tax so they could build a place for people to go and loose their money and become addicted to gambling. Anyway that was just my thought. Hearing and reading the interviews today they clearly say they are doing this due to the unemployment in the city, so they are creating jobs (very thoughtful indeed!!!).

I mean, who is sitting in the council and making all these silly decisions? There must for sure be some other ways of making jobs for people than building a place were they would loose away their salaries. They will be creating jobs for thousands, and then in a year or two the council will have to deal with thousand others who will need to be treated for gambling addiction. What a brilliant idée!

Gambling creates addiction, and being set free from your addiction is not easy. It is achievable, but not easy! But why would we want to create a nation of gamblers anyway? So people would have more depths? Don’t they have enough of that?

In Iran people have become addicted to drugs, in the UK we make it more glamorous and make people addicted to gambling, how sad. I hope this makes us think, and raise our concern. The more addiction there is in a society, the more will the minority rule over the majority, as the majority not being able to question their governments due to their concerns of money, addiction, drugs, gambling and you name it.

I could go on and on, I just think a massive Casino is just a VERY silly idée. They have apparently put in a water park and some sort of other entertainments in there, so your kids can hang around there while you play away your ££££’s.

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