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Monday, May 22, 2006

Ebadi in London

I went to listen to Mrs Ebadi when she was in London,UK about a year ago. I truly appriciate her power as a woman, it is not easy in irans society to speak out/up, she is one of a kind, and must be much more appriciated.
I think we as iranians must truly appriciate that Ebadi is world recognized political figure, and should support her in what she is doing.
I can though understand the frustration among Iranians, but I think that is because we as Iranians always have wanted someone else to speak on behalf of us, we dont want to step up ourselves. She is doing her part, what right do I or you have to say she is not doing enought when we are sitting on our comfortable houses and in free countries.
Speak up all iranians, this is about our nation, and our people and not least about you and I!

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