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Monday, June 25, 2012

Integrity at work

I just finished a book titled “Integrity – Leading with God watching” by Jonathan Lamb. Integrity matters. We expect it, naively perhaps, of leaders in all walks of life. But then the question is, why is integrity so rare? Why does our walk not always match our talk?

As a leader it is easy wanting others to do what ever you think it is right to do, but then easier said than done, right? I have realized the best thing is to live, or at least try to live the vision I set out for others to follow. As a leader we must not only craft a vision statement, but embody it.

“We conduct our business with uncompromising integrity. People at every level are expected to adhere to the highest standards of business ethics and must understand that anything less is totally unacceptable” (Hewlett Packard).

When leaders´ lives fail to match up with their words, we give up listening. We cannot take them seriously. In my career I have come across people who have had hidden agendas, trying very hard to hide it through their manipulative behaviors. Anyone who spends too much time in such a working environment will be affected by it, therefore it is better to seek an environment which will make you grow as a pure person with your head held high. Hidden agenda is the cancer of any environment, be it family, relationship, work or any organization. As human being I believe we have come to a point where we are seeking honesty and integrity.

In my life I first try to be accountable to God, then to others. I believe if we have an inner signal about “right” and “wrong” then we will always become sensitive to others. And live with true integrity.

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