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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Norway – the most gender equal country!

According to new studies reported by The World Economic Forum, Norway is the most gender equal country in the world. This report is yearly published in cooperation with Harvard and Berkeley University.

All the Nordic countries scored high in this report. Finland ranged second after Norway, while Sweden ranged third. When examining the share of women in the Legislature, the Nordic countries score high, compared with other European countries and North America.
An important aspect in gender equality is access to and representation in administrative and political key positions. Within education, labor market and political life, Norway is among the countries in which women do very well in relation to men. The legislation in Norway demands at least 40 percent women participation in stock listed companies.

Four main aspects are given especial focus in this report;
1. Educational level
2. Political representation
3. Health
4. Financial opportunities

The ten highest in the world
1. Norway
2. Finland
3. Sweden
4. Island
5. New Zealand
6. Philippines
7. Denmark
8. Ireland
9. Netherland
10. Latvia

1 comment:

Ramin said...

Social democracy is still alive in Norway, health system still works well ( even i saw bether one in Cuba), education system is also giving equal chance to all in community. and all thess thanks for few people and lots of oil income.
Gender equality always give access to democracy which Norway stand since 70`s even lots of anthropoligists mention has been gone too far in the opposite favor for women!
but i couldnot be more desagree with this part "Norway is among the countries in which women do very well in relation to men"
Norway score highest in Divorce statistics and over 60% of children living with only one parents! i guess this is not good statistic for doing well in realtionship with men. right?

But we still love this nation :)