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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Heels and Books

I often have a special urge of going to a bookshop, not because I need to buy a specific book, but just to wander around – leaf through the books and accumulate all the knowledge. While studying I managed to spend most of my money on books. My fellow students would hardly buy the books but rather borrow them from the University library. I loved buying the books and write my personal notes and thoughts in my own books. If someone borrowed my books I would allow them to write and highlight my books as much as they wanted.

Currently I have a room just dedicated to all my books. They are the most valuable possession I have. Going to a bookshop makes me feel alive, it makes me realize ‘there is so much I don’t know – and so little time to read all the books I want to read’.
Don’t misunderstand me, I am not a geek :). I love clothes and shoes as much as other ladies do, but I get fed up with them after wearing them few times, but it is an other story with my books – I don’t think I ever will get fed up leafing through each one of them - reading thorough my old notes and thought. It refreshes my soul and mind.

My personal library is filled with books in relation to psychology, journalism, history, fashion, interior decoration, poetry, business, fiction, biographies and all sorts of other subjects that I love reading about. I love being in that room, I love being surrounded by all these great words written by great men and woman in history of mankind.

My shoes and clothes will go out of fashion and I will need to renew my wardrobe with new items and give away the old ones. But my books – they will never go out of fashion, they will just become even more valuable as the years pass.

In 4th grade I was awarded the ‘bookworm’ of the whole school. That was one of my first awards. Perhaps that became an inspiration! I like to thank our library lady who thought I actually read all the books I used to borrow!

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