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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My little Brother got married on the 26th July 2008

Navid Binai, my little brother got married to Aram Ostadian on the 26th of July in Marmorchurch in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, Denmark. Right now they are on their honeymoon, which is a gift from me and Arezo, my sister. We just do not know where they are, no one knows, it is a secret, they will announce it on their return, just like the royalties:)

I have witnessed my brother growing from being a boy to becoming a man, a man that has made such a big choice in life and a choice of loving and committing himself to one woman. I was over the top on their big day, I did not know how to express my joy so I decided to dance all night!

It was a truly beautiful day for us all to get together on their memorable day. I could see the joy in my brother’s eyes, he is truly in love, and did not hide it at all on the day. I wish them a life of blessing. I believe marriage is hard work, and it must truly be worked on, love between two people must always be kept fresh and alive. One man is made for One woman, and the two of them have come together in order to become role model for their children and the society.

Change in every society will start in our families and in our relationships. It is in our relationships we learn to love and respect others, and if we know how to, we might be able to rub some of this attitude to the environment we are part of.

I love you Navid and Aram!


Mari said...

Så koselig med bryllup, gratulerer med lillebror!! :)
Lillebroren min har også gifta seg i sommer, Einar. Det var i Bergen, veldig koselig! :)
Håper du legger ut noen bilder fra den store dagen dems etterhvert, moro å se!! :)
Klem fra Mari

alireza said...

ishalahhh ke khoda rozi khodet va arezo beokone. ba samimane tarin tabrikat be dadashet.


Vafa said...

Just stoped by to say hello. Mobarak bashe...!

Elham Binai said...

thank you to all of you. jaye hame khali:)

Aram Ostadian Binai said...

Merci Elham jooon Barae note ghashangi ke neveshti. Shabe kheili zibai bud.

Vaghean kheili ziba bud barae man ba Navid yeki shodan, kasi ke kheili kheili asheghesham va asheghame kheili ziad (:*

Vaghean hamin arezo ro barae khaharae azizemun darim. kheili doosteun darim.

Merci barae Honymoon, Venice shahre kheili zibai bud va be ma ke kheili khosh gozasht. merci Elham and Arezo joon.

Love you too.

Navid Ostadian Binai said...

Elham, my dear sister, thank you for writing this beautiful article.

It was truly a beautiful and memorable day, but it was also good to get away on the honeymoon the day after :-) Thanks for the much-needed gift!!! Venice was relaxing/charming/romantic/alive.

I believe you are right in what you write about marriage. It is hard work, and one must make an effort to accelerate in the right direction every day. Marriage is also beautiful and a big choice for each person to take, and God should defenitely be consulted before a choice is made. I am glad I have God in my life, because I could not live without his guidance.

Elham, I also want to thank you for planning the 2nd wedding party in Norway. It was an amazing achievement in such a short time. Aram and I had loads of fun, and it was great to just dance and relax with loving family and friends.

Love you loads!

Arezo Binai said...

Beautifully written Ms. Binai! I like the last part where you say that our attitude can affect the environment we are a part of. It's very true. It is easy to blame on other factors in the environment, but what are YOU doing to improve it? Dad always said that when you point a finger at somebody, the other four points back at you. So do not rush to blame, but STOP to look at yourself. I truly believe that it starts in our families and relationships.