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Monday, November 26, 2007

Real Success

Lately I have been thinking what Real Success truly is, and how we can experience it in our everyday lives. We all know how this concept is defined in our world; Your material goods (such as your house,cars,possessions),being married, having children,travelling,having a good education, and a well paid job. Last week I was talking to a friend of mine, who has got all that, but he was not happy. In few years he has managed to build a life that many would envy, I remember when he got married, they were both so in love, and that is all they wanted to do, and they have children together, but the truth is none of them are happy, and he does not feel successful in life. I was wondering, what can really make a person successful, are we just looking for success and fulfilment in the wrong places? I think I have often looked for success in the wrong things,places,and people. I suppose we all go through life searching for success,I just don't want to waste my life searching for success in the wrong places,which I think majority of people do,because we have not realised what REAL SUCCESS truly is!!!


yalda said...

Elham Jon ,was really true and beautiful. Hope all of us find our own right place to look at!!!

Ehsan said...

Elham jan;
I think success and happiness are a little various however,I don't believe in seeking them that much.
Dear Elham, If you look for success and happiness they'll never come to you just as in your friend's case. Happiness is nowhere to be reached out to.
You wrote me:"live a beautiful life". The good and the beatiful are among those means that one should acquire to arrive at the garden of happiness. You act on the beautiful's principles and happiness will show up just after it...
This is what I got taught in literature and philosophy, which is so true hon.


Bala Bellary said...

Have you ever wondered "Why someone should be successful?" That's because, in this society, we are always comparing ourselves to others. The minute we stop comparing ourselves and define the goals for ourselves, then you find happiness. Success is something created to promote competition. Probably, it is easier to start making a list of "Don't want to do this.. or don't want to do that" then what you want that can make you happy, becomes clear.

Elham Binai said...


Ghasem said...

hi Elham,
I read your post,nice way of writing you have..
I do beleive that absolute success is not accessible,we just can make ourselves more and more near to it,
by our effort,not chance not other factors play SIGNIFICANT role,
I also beleive in God's help..
good luck,
nice time..
I'll be glad if you visit my weblog..

aditya said...

Dear Elham,

You have raised a wonderful subject....what is REAL SUCCESS?

According to my opinion we all are living in illusionary world of self identification, success, pleasure, fulfillment etc. In the process we have been drifted away from ourself, our family and friends and have lost the true peace, tranquility, joy and freedom within us.

The biggest success is to understand self and to live meaningfully, consciously, joyfully and to unfold spirituality thru mindfulness.

The most important is to grant regular silent 'Appointment to Self' to discover our true human sensitivity, love and to realize purpose of life.

"To know what we are, we must first investigate and know what we are not."

Once we realize that all happens by itself (call it destiny, or the will of God, or mere accident), we remain as witness only and observing the situation without reacting.

we are responsible only for what we can change. All we can change is our attitude towards LIFE.

Warm Regards,

Timelessly yours,


Anonymous said...

Dear Elham,

I appreciate you. My measure for success is how much a person understands that he/she should move like a turtle.
continuously and slowly.

Best Wishes,