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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Halloween in Iran

Few days ago as everyone was in the mood of halloween, I was watching an Iranian channel, discussing the event that started as an American tradition, but which has now spread itself across the nations. Someone had sent in an e-mail to the program, which was read to the world.

The e-mail went something like this:
In America you have Halloween ones a year, and that is the only day you can put custumes on and scare people, but in Iran, we have Halloween 365 days a year. Every day of the year we watch people dressed up to scare us, so wellcome to Iran as we celebrate Halloween all year around.

Trick or Treat then??

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Javaneh said...

Hi dear Elham, I am a persian woman from california and I was looking for some information about halloween and was wondering if do we have any tradition like that in Iran, finding your blog was interesting, sad, funny, and much more, I like to read your blog more often and wish you the best.