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Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Princess who dared to be herself!

Its is 31st August 1997, a car is driving with high speed in the streets and tunnels of Paris, the city were it all ended for a woman who dared to be herself. It is Princess Diana. She died exactly 10 years ago in a car crash in the city of Love. A whole world was in shock.

I recall back to that day; My mother loved Diana, she would read everything about her, and her life facinated us all. All the news channels were talking about ‘The Rose of England’. I remember crying as they were showing clips of her life. I adored her. She made a specially impact on me during her visit to the land mines in Angola. To me she was a true symbol of a courageous woman.

There are many aspects of her life I could talk about, but one which I value the most is her ability and courage to being herself and following her dreams. Although she was a popular public figure and her steps were constantly under scrutiny, but she dared to step out of that royal ‘comfort zone’ and started exploring who she was, and how she could influence the world through her own qualities.

Sometimes we can become so attached to our background, that we receive all our self worth and identity from that, not knowing there is a hidden world in each one of us, trying to push its way out of that comfort shell.

Elton John sang: “Goodbye Englands Rose....” , I do not think we can ever say Goodbye to anyone who dared to find their authentic self, and who dared living their authentic life, we should never say Goodbye to these people, as they are rare, and they are the ones that keep the beautiful spirit of human being alive. Diana was and is still Englands Rose, a rose of inspiration, a rose with a maginificiant fragrance, a rose that still encourages me to be myself, and follow my dreams.

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