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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My lifetime gym Friend

It is winter 2005, I am back in the UK after Christmas spent with family in Norway. I feel my body is shouting out for the gym. So I hit the gym, with my book (the Da Vinci Code) in order to read while burning my Christmas calories on the treadmill. While I was trying to do my own thing, and to read my book, my attention was caught by a couple who spoke Farsi. First I was not sure weather they were speaking Farsi or not, so I stopped reading in order to concentrate, and they were speaking Farsi indeed. They were arguing about how to use the tredmill. I was watching them and smiling, but they could not see me, as they were so caught up in their own world. Suddenly they decided their time was done at the gym for that day, so they went out. I thought to myself, I like to get to know these people, but I have never seen them around, so I packed my stuff quickly and ran out after them.

They were talking to an other iranian student just outside the gym. I said hi, and introduced myself, or actually what I did was more like this; ‘Are you iranian’, ofcourse they are Iranian, but that is the way you can start a conversation. They were as excited as me for this introduction. We exchanged numbers, I wrote hers in my book. I was so excited and had such good feeling about them when I got back home.

Few days later, while shopping grocery I got a call, and it was the girl I had met on campus. She was talking like if she had known me for decades. I loved her, she gave me positive energy. That was the start of a beautiful friendship with my friend Sara. I am so glad I ran out of the gym that day, I am so glad I introduced myself, I am so glad Sara called me, and I am so glad we became friends, and I am glad I know this friendship will last many more years.

So Next time you see someone you would like to become friends with, do not hesitate to introduce yourself, you never know what a simple introduction can do in your life.


sara said...

elham man ashkam dar omad ino khoondam. migan har anche az del bar ayad bar del neshinad rast goftan. bebin you gave me the positive energy that they too. because of that I called you and it was love at the first sight. you are my sunshine my only sunshine..lalallala...hehhehe...I love u and missed u...I miss laughing with you azizam.

Arezo Binai said...

It's weird how one decision can change your life so much. I remember when you met Sara, you told me you met this energetic girl, and I heard it when Sara called you once, haha.

I think it's hard to find so good friends nowadays, so cherish what you got. Many girls (especially iranians) would be stuck up and too proud to do what you did, or even what Sara did. Iranian girls gotta learn to love themselves and eachother. Lets start to smile to eachother and have a chat, instead of giving eachother bad looks in clubs, churches, universities, etc.

Sara you are beautiful.

Amish Vajpayee said...

ahh and waht if i would like to become friends with you...its not a straight question think about it...what you call confidence and free will and things like that, is bought or inherited...

mardjan said...

Hello..I have a question about the way that you met Sara...if she was not iranian , would have ran after her and try to get to know her, or only reason that you approached her was b/c she was iranian?? have u ran after her if she wasn't??