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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Who are YOU?

On Saturday I was talking to a group of girls on the subject of Identity and Self Esteem.
The first question we opened up with was; What is identity? and who are you?
This is the question that philosophers and religious leaders have trid addressing for decades. And interestingly enough the question is still relevant, we are still occupied with who we are, and what makes us into who we become.

What I like to do this time, is to get you answering this question before I write an article on this. So Who are you? and What is Identity?

I look forward hearing your views!!!


Rodrigo said...

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Anonymous said...

What is identity? and who are you?‎

Hi these questions are easy to answer but are difficult to change it.‎

I mean when you talk to a person you can fine his/her identity ‎quite easily. The most subject he/she is talking about or interested ‎about is his/her identity. Also when a person fight hard to keep ‎something such as position, wealth, faith, family, love… you can ‎fine is/her identity. Therefore we could describe a person ‎according to his/her identity or answering who he/she is.‎

But changing our identity is far more difficult than finding our ID.

I ‎believe the only way to change it to good way is knowing God and ‎get a help from him.‎
Mohammad ‎

Mahsheed said...

Good and very difficult questions!

Who are you? Child of God is my short answer.

What is identity? My identity comes from my parents, family, and community. This answer is also inadequate.

But I agree with Mohammad that God is the only one who truly knows us, better than we know ourselves.

I hope you share your article with us.

maryam said...

I don't know how you can be so sure about the description of God?
I'm not an unbeliever but I'm thinking all the time that how it be possible to be so sure about the detail of personality of something that has not so many reasons for it's existance in the first place.I'm just qurious. can anyone help me?

Anonymous said...

awww Elham jaannn
soalii mikoni ke shayad man in avakher kheeli mashgholesham ..

well actually a bit longer than just these last months .. Maybe the lost couple of years...

Who am I ? And why am I ?

What is my purpose and when am I going to finally discover my ‘ true identity’ …

I don’t know if u know this book S.H.A.P.E by Eric Rees >... as I’m going true it I ask these question much more than ones in a while to myself

U know the hard part is that indeed I keep changing, or better said my interests keep on growing and sometimes it can be confusing as well as overwhelming ...
but the question was who am I ?

well I guess I don’t know yet ...

I’m allot of things
I’m what I believe
I’m my values and principles that I have in my life.
I’m my past, I’m my dreams, I’m my faults, I’m my fears, I’m my abilities, I’m my courage, I’m my weaknesses, I’m my strength … woow I’m allot I guess

I’m the brother of Jesus and the daughter of God

/\ I have a long longggg way to go .....