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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Life Journey of my Sister Arezo - HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Today is my SISTER, AREZOs BIRTHDAY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AREZO!! Tomorrow she is completing her Bachelors degree in Anthropology. Here I will give you a historical overview of her life and the events that made her into the AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL person she is today.

Age 1 – 3: Arezo in Iran. Arezo was a little sweet girl that was loved by the whole family. In the kinder garden she was characterised as the most rebellious and naughty child among all the children, while Navid (our brother) was the most quiet child in the same kinder garden.

Age 4 – 6: Arezo entering Norwegian territory. This is Arezo during her pre-school years. As she enters this new Norwegian territory, she makes sure she is known and respected. She becomes a leader among the children. All children and her teachers loved her. During these years she starts building up friendships that has lasted till this day. Almost every day she would come home with a cut on her knee or elbow due to fights. During this time we all started calling her the lawyer. She would defend those that could not speak up for their own rights. I remember I ones cut Arezo’s hair putting a bowl on her head and cutting around the bowl, she cried for days.

Age 7 – 12: Elementary school years. Here she was chosen as the class representative. She was in school boards. She would host meetings and celebrations. During these years Arezo’s best friend was Navid, they would go to school together and they spent a lot of time together playing games (I was the grown up). It was during this time Arezo started playing the handball, and she was one of the greatest players. She had an important position in the team, and would do tournaments around in various cities (I have to say I played too, but Arezo always reminds me of me being an awful player). I cant remember exactly when it was, but I believe it was around this time in Arezos life that something devastating happened that left a scar in her life; One day I came home from school, being very hungry I could eat a whole cow. Mum had left chicken and rise for us all. Since I was very hungry, I could not satisfy my stomach with my share of the food, so I ate Arezos share of the chicken too. Navid had already had his food. I thought when Arezo comes she can have a can of tuna with her rise, she will never know we had chicken. Arezo comes home, being very intelligent as she is, she very soon found out we had chicken and that I had eaten it all. She cried and argued with me for days and told the whole world about this life changing incident. So now every time we have chicken we recall back to that day that Arezo still bears scars from.

Age 13 – 15: Secondary school, Arezo has turned into this quiet person. She is in a stage of finding herself. During these years she would wear all black, which drew me crazy. She would not fix herself as a girl. And most of her friends were boys (mind you she had lots of friends). Again her best friend was Navid, they attended both school and Sunday school together. When Arezo was 14 I entered University, which took our relationship into a new stage. I was living in Oslo during that time, and during weekends Arezo would come and visit me. This is the time we became closer, and Arezo started finding her feminine side (because I would take her shopping in Majorstua – Majorstua is one of the most famous shopping streets in Oslo). She would call me several times in a day seeing how I am and what I have eaten (basically checking up on me). During my final year in College I went to a lot of parties, which Arezo did not like first she would tell me not to go because she would be alone at home not having anything to do, then when she would realise her request was out ruled, she would call me all night making sure I am well, when I am coming home, who is in the party etc. So basically I would spend my time in the parties talking to my sister on the phone. I think during this time in Arezos life history she realised how much she truly loves me. I moved to England when Arezo was 15. She had become a woman of her own right now, and wanted her sister to be there to share those moments with her.

Age 16 – 18: College years, Arezo is becoming a strong and confident women who leads others. During her college years Arezo was involved in school arrangements, concerts, theatres, elections, school boards and many other activities (mum and dad hardly saw her studying). She sat in boards with the head teachers, and was voicing other students concerns and desires. Arezo was loved by her teachers. She was funny, and would make them all laugh with her great humour that puts you at ease. During these years (actually since Arezo was 14) she started teaching children in Sunday school. They loved her too. She has got this special magnet of attracting children. In class she was a true teacher, and would get the children involved, she is also a strict teacher. Although we were living in different countries during this time, but our relationship drew closer.

Age 18 – 21: UK – a much loved University girl. Arezo never wanted to study at University level, I think she was forced into this by me but when she encountered this chapter in her life, she realised her abilities, skills and desires. Arezo has always wanted to defend people, to change the world, to reach out to the homeless and those poor. She has always said this since she was a little girl. She decided to do a degree in Anthropology, which I think is very much Arezo, and it encompasses what Arezo is about and what she stands for. She loves the cultures of the world, people of all nations (especially Africa), and she loves thinking critically.

Arezo - today aged 22:
Arezo has got a soul and a heart that attracts people to her. She has a genuine way of showing love. If she loves someone from the bottom of her heart she will show it through her actions. She will go the extra mile for her friends and family. In our family Arezo is the one possessing LOVE more than anyone of us. She shows love and care in the most marvellous ways. She has this ability of connecting us to each other through her care, intelligence and wisdom. Arezo is not only a girl that has got LOVE in her heart, but she has got wisdom. I don’t see her as my baby sister anymore, as often she become the older sister, and I turn to her for guidance and wisdom. Mum and Dad love her, and she takes great pleasure in knowing that currently she is the favourite child in our family Arezo is a girl who enjoys quality, be it in what she wears to who she is friends with. She desires and seeks quality in relationships she has. She can see aspects of people that I am not able to see, sometimes she can for see things, which is the spooky side of her. She is fun loving girl, who loves her family to bits, she would give her life for each one of us. If anyone of us are in pain she feels the pain in the deepest corners of her heart. She loves her friends, not only is she a friends to them, she can become their mum as well as their fashion guru.

Arezo has got dreams of helping those who are poor and afflicted. She has been given a heart full of love and care in order to do this amazing job. As she is entering a new chapter in her life I am excited to see what the future holds for her, the future is a mystery, but all I know at the moment is that she is a girl full of life, hope, love and great faith in God. What ever she does she will do it with love and care, and that is what makes her life journey such a beautiful journey.



Maziar Gheshlaghi said...

Hei på Deg Arezo.
Gratulerer med dagen.
Vi ønsker deg mange lykkelige år frem over.
Ha en STRåLENDE fin dag.

Maziar Elham Milad og resten av oss.

Maziar gheshlaghi said...

Hei på Deg Arezo.
Gratulerer med dagen.
Vi ønsker deg mange lykkelige år frem over.
Ha en STRåLENDE fin dag.

Maziar Elham Milad og resten av oss.

Navid said...

Arezo junam, azize dele baradar :-D

TAVALODET MOBARAK!! I love you so so so so much.. A bunch of kisses from your brother!!

Elham, well written about this amazing person. Arezo truly brings a whole lot of smiles and laughter into our family :-)


Shirley said...

Dear Elham (and yes, Happy Birthday Arezo),

That was one of the most moving tributes an older sister can give to a younger sibling. That was precious to read but more precious to Arezo to hear what her big sister thinks of her. And think of her, you do. I am thankful to have read this on your blog today.

And my note to Arezo: To have met Elham is to have met some part of your amazing family, and in no small measure have met you too. May the Lord Himself grant you significance and contagious joy in being everything He has purposed your life to be. HAPPY HATCHDAY, Arezo.

Across the seas in Canada,

Arezo aka Birthday girl said...

This is one of the best presents I have gotten in my life!!! I appreciate having a sister like you Elham. You are my everything! I love you more than life itself. I am one of the luckiest girls alive.

I love you from the bottom of my heart!

You are my idol!!!

Anonymous said...

Grattis på din födelsedag vännen!
Hoppas allt är bra med dig och att livet fortsätter glatt för dig.

Lots of kisses/ Bahareh swe
ps.Elham djan,salam ham be to =)