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Friday, March 09, 2007

International Womens Day!!

My deepest congratulations goes out to all women across the globe. I find it a priviledge being created female, and honored that we have a day to celebrate such beautiful creation on the face of the earth! There is a reason you and I are women and not men, and I believe what women bring into the world men cant, and vise versa. I believe each gender must be valued, as we all can bring in beautiful aspects to life, taken we know who we are and how to express ourselves in a way that we were created to express what ever is all about us!

In my life I have personally come across some of the most amazing women, and I have tried learning something from each one. I enjoy reading books authored by women.

Two of the most amazing women I know,and whose life and love I appriciate!

My mother:She is dedicated,honost,faithful,loving,giving,sharing,seeking peace,loving, down to earth, doesnt take herself too seriously, courageous and so many other beautiful qualities.
My sister:loving,caring....she is one of the rare people you come across who give so much of themselves, it is amazing. she will always go the extra mile in order to show the sea of love that is within her!

Value Womanhood!

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