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Sunday, February 18, 2007

My home ....

This poem, written in Farsi is by one of the most famous poets in ancient Iran, Saady. Iranians are very proud of their poetry heritage, such as Saady,Molana and others that have had a great influence in the lives of millions of Iranians. In this poem Saady is talking about our real home being Heaven. These Poets use spirituality alot in their poems, many believe Saady might have been a Christian.

If you are a non-iranian reader, please do research on Saady. At the moment British Library bookstore is selling a limited edition book by this great Poet,so if you are around the area,go and have a look!


sara said...

elham jan molana and molavi are the same person. His full name is molana jalaledin mohammad molavi rumi. and about saady... I never heard that he's christian and i'm definitly going to research about it.

Anonymous said...

Hello. thankyou for your last message.

I believe Molana and Molavi are the same person. Molana is his first name (Im afraid I dont know his full name).

I havnt heard that Saady was a Christian but if you read some of his work he does refer to heaven (as you said) and in other works such as his Gulistan he refers to subjects that are picked up in the book of James. However, I dont know if that makes him a Christian.

On a side issue - one of your blogs a few days ago discussed God giving us warnings/prophecies etc.. You referred to God as "He/She" Do you believe God is both male and female? I would be interested to hear your view.

Elham Binai said...

to Sara and anonymous person....I know Molana Molavi is the the same person,a mistake in typing,sorry about that.

about Saady being Christian, I did not say he was, but I said some believe he MIGHT have been, but then he could have been a very spiritual person who adopted all sorts of spiritual ideologies to his poems.

about me calling God, He/She, I do not think God has a gender! But the reason I called him He/She, and I can call him/her a She is because I dont think it is right to give the perception to people that God is a he, and I think by us refering God to as a He, we are giving him a gender without us being aware of it. I think there are restrictions maybe in our languages, as of having to call him a he/she, but I think that is a matter of language.So I do not think God is a male/female,he is complete and perfect.and refering to God as just male or a female would put restrictions on him/her.

Star said...

I agree with you Elham jan.Better to address God as....He/She

Elham Binai said...

thank you Rahele joon....I just dont think we should put gender on God,....and I would not use he,will start using she!!!

Anonymous said...

salam elham jan, hamin tor ke midoonid, in shaer hamanand molana, jozv shoaraye filsophy boodand, ke ba ashareshoon, mojebe hayrate ya bidari ensanha, dar tamame advar shodand, baraye hamin laghabe ajib, va bargozideye, "sheykhe ajal" be in shaer dadand, va dar afsane ha amade ast, ke bad az goftan sher:
har barge sabez dar nazare dana, daftarist az shokohe keregar(motasefane in beyto betor kamel be yad nemiyaram), dar aseman jasheni bozorg be eftekhar zibayee in shear va azemate tosife oon, tavasote adam, be pa kardan.