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Monday, January 29, 2007

Shilpa the Forgiver

“It would give us some comfort if we could only forget a past that we cannot change. If we could only choose to forget the cruellest moments, we could, as time goes on, free ourselves from their pain. But the wrong sticks like a nettle in our memory. The only way to remove the nettle is with a surgical procedure called forgiveness.” Smedes, The Art of Forgiving

Shilpa Shetty the Queen of this years much controversial celebrity Big Brother has forgiven Jade & Co who bullied her with racial comments.

There is a healing power in forgiving and letting go of the past. You can not change what happened in the past, but you can for sure determine how your future is going to be, either you decide to become a forgiving and lovely person, or you can change into a bitter and negative individual.

Various cultures have been through different emotional wounds and conflicts that will have a great impact on the general population’s mental health and disposition towards forgiveness. Societies torn apart by decades of fighting require activities that will create a strong human infrastructure based in understanding, cooperation, and goodwill and which are committed to healing the emotional traumas making forgiveness and reconciliation possible.

Jesus: 'Forgive and you shall be Forgiven' This is truly some of the most powerful words ever said in the history of mankind, just these few words could change our destiny.

PS: I did my BSc research theses on ‘Forgiveness’


hooman said...

salam elham jan.bebinam az hamin web mitoni chanel 4 va big brother and jade goody ro mitoni motahameshon koni.

star said...

Dear Elham,I completely agree with you.Forgiveness is a great act but I am not sure if Shilpa is a good role model in this regard.She is wise but lets not forget that she joined in the group that were mocking Dereck,which I didnt find it nice,cause this time,someone else was being mocked and she was laughing as well and even she nominated Dereck to be evicted!!I found it not appealing and not a brilliant act,cause she was the one who was constantly flirting with Dereck ,how could she turn against him while she saw how cleo is indirectly bullying Dereck......
so.I dont realy call these acts that these celebritie play,an act of forgiveness,this is more a clever move of a wise celebrity who knows how to keep a good face...

Elham Binai said...

Star'''' I do agree with you that Shilpa is not and should not be a role model of forgiving,due to many factors. I believe the matter of the fact is that She expressed the hardest act of humanity, and inspite of all her faults (which we all have,lets not forget about that), she was able to say...lets get over it, lets see the beauty of jade (there must be something good about her..)

Anonymous said...

well ofcourse.as I mentioned before,its a beautiful act,but an act is an act and forgiveness is beyond acting,its a mrtamorphosis.Its a genuine phenomena,not related to outer environment.lets not forget that there is much to gain for her by this act of forgiving,but still its a beautiful act.What I am saying is that if Jemaine has done this act ,I would beleive him because he didnt mock anyone and he wasnt felt inferior regarding English peaple.so if he does such a thing I would believe.She is a wonderful woman,perfect, gracefull and classy.I love her but I just dont think her act of forgiveness is out of strength and real.Cause what Jade did to her was terrible and takes time to realy fogive.But she was wise and what else could she do?create a war between Indians and England?!!!!by admitting that jade was a bully and a racist ,thats what would have happened and she would be responsible for this,which is obviousley not a wise decision for someone aiming to be successfull in show business.their audience are international and shilpa was wise to increase her audience.:)