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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ruth Kelly chooses private school

Ruth Kelly, former Educational minister from the Labour party, is sending her disabled child to a private school, paying from her own pocket, 15.000£ a year. This is rather a controversial issue, as her party has caused many private schools to shut, and 'demanded' people to use the public schools. so the question is why is she not using a public school for her child? her other children are all in public schools.

This has become a headline in British media these last days, people have become frustated over again on politicians, on why they say one thing, but do something else. you could question, do their rules and regulations only apply to the public, but not to those who are holding major positions in the government, or those who have great amount of money.

Ruth Kelly decided to push aside her political position in order to give her child a better support in a private school. I am thinking what would I do in her position, do you choose to act within your ministerial role or your role as a mother. It can not be easy to have a life in the public domain, and constantly being under scrutiny of the public and the media. Although I like to say she should have acted according to her Labour party opinion, but on the other hand, it is admirable the courage she is showing in choosing her child over her reputation.

Would you act differently?

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