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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Global Warming my SPIRIT

You are probably by now very well aware of all the talks about Global warming, and how it has affected our world and the climate change we are facing. As I am from Norway, and would usually expect snow during Christmas, I have to say the climate change has hit the Nordic as-well, I experienced my first Christmas this year without snow (but it rained). Several snow resorts across Europe have experienced a year with no snow (which has put pressure on their business)! But then the snow has hit hardly in Tehran, Iran and other parts of the country were people have never seen snow in their lives before.

As I am thinking of global warming and the change of climate across the world, it reminds me of our souls. 20-30 years ago people never thought about pollution and what kind of affects it has and will have on the future generation, which is my generation in 2007. We often make decisions affecting and often polluting our souls and minds, which does not show its devastating impact right away, but maybe in few years time, or even in next generation it surely will show its impact.

Since understanding the impact of global warming, I am recycling more, use less water (which is hard) and try to do other things that impact the future of our world. As I am doing all this I have started slowly recycling things that impact my mind and soul and which is/has been polluting my life. Recycling is not easy, it takes effort, hard work and determination, but if it is going to save my life and have impact on the future generation I am determined to recycle.

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