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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fashion Obsession!!!

I love shopping new shoes, new coat, new bag…..oh I could go on and on and on......and guess what I am not the only one, we all love fashion to some extend, and we all try to be up to date with it, although some miss out, and indeed do follow fashion, but fashion which was adorable 20 years ago.

At the moment we are in the months of fashion weeks across the globe, last week it was Paris Fashion week, this week Sao Paulo, Brazil, then it is Milan….then we have London…..these are the months were designers will be presenting their works of art which they have been working on throughout the year. Watching Jeaun Paul Galtiers designs you wonder ; ok who will wear this?.... if you ever have watched the Fashion channel you see model after model walking down the catwalk wearing the most ‘weirdest’ clothes that no-one (unless you are a celebrity and want to stand out) will ever wear.

Fashion has caused thousands of young girls and boys suffer eating disorders such as Anorexia and Bulimia, many fashion organizers have banned the so called danger zone, size 0 (which is UK size 4). Last year a Brazilian girl died, and she only weighted 40kg. This year many designers have started using the curvier models, which leaves hope for us all 

Why is fashion so important? Why do we love those new shoes or bags and cant stand not buying them? If the sport pages are men’s must read section of the newspaper, then Vogue and Elle are must have fashion magazines for the ladies….we just love it….and either men accept it or they don’t, we are bond to accept their obsession with football (after all, it is a game with 22 grown ups running around a ball), at leas there is some variety in women’s fashion world.

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